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Amala Core Banking 3.5.1 – Release Notes

It’s with great pleasure and happiness that We have successfully released another version of our awarding Amala Core Banking system for FinTech, especially in financial inclusion of the community in Tanzania.

In this release of Amala, we have added the following key new features among others:-

Data Validation

Knowing that data validation is a crucial aspect for every version of Amala as it ensures our clients that they can completely trust the data they use to be accurate, clean and helpful at all times. In this version, We have:-

  • Added two vital fields, the Outstanding and Asset & Liabilities field to be populated by Loan officer during the application of the loan.
  • Added another important field of Loan Category in the loan application form.

To protect our client from fines and lawsuits by ensuring our client automatically comply with new Microfinance Act 2018 and regulations 2019, We have updated some important features required by the TCDC for self-comply. In this version;-

  • We have ensured that account type tags (like Asset, Liability, Income among others) are defined by the system according to TCDC requirements.

On top of the added features, We have fixed a number of bugs and errors. To mention a few:-

  • We have fixed the system to enable the download of the Loan Repayment Template as well as the Fixed Deposit Transactions Template.
  • We have also fixed the loan calculator misbehaviour while validating required details(fields).

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