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Amala Core Banking 3.5.4 – Release Notes

We are very happy and delighted about the successful release of a new version of Amala Core Banking for FinTech, especially in the financial inclusion of the community in Tanzania.

In this release, we have fixed a number of cross-cutting issues and added some updates in Amala Core Banking as well as in Mobile Application.

To be precise, these updates have been implemented to fix the following issues:-


  • In order to maintain the trust of our customers, authentication is the fundamental way through which we can maintain security, which is the top priority in delivering our services. In this release, we have simplified the necessity of forcing password reset days.
    Tenant/Client Admin is now allowed to perform some exception if his/her organization allows, we strictly advise this principle to be followed.
  • On top of that, we have also fixed the reset password page to ensure proper working with our clients’ login credentials.


To ensure that our clients are problem-free through thorough maintenance of our services, in this version we have changed the time for running our jobs, to ensure smooth operations.


  • Being a crucial tool for our business as it ensures our clients can completely trust the data they use to be accurate, clean, and helpful at all times. In this release, we have fixed the client edit form to ensure the fetch of a number of dependents during client editing.
  • In addition to that, we’ve fixed the issue of date error which previously didn’t show the explanation of the error in the share application form. Also, we have fixed the Approved flag which was not shown after the approval of the additional shares.
  • Furthermore, we have succeeded to enforce the input of valid mobile number in the client creation form. This is expected to ensure that all the numeric values we accept from this input are actually valid phone numbers.


Since we do understand that reports will provide important detail that can be used to help develop future FinTech, marketing plans, guide budget planning and improve decision-making in our client organizations, In this release, we have ensured that the share statement report is displayed before the export process.

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