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2023 August newsletter

2023 Amala August Newsletter

Greetings! Welcome to Amala newsletter helping you learn something new from the world.

Many people love summer, but guess what? We don’t !:hot_face: Because its too hot.

As we celebrate 88 day we appreciate and recognize the important contribution of farmers to the national economy of Tanzania as the theme goes “ youth and women are the firm foundation of sustainable food system”.

On the last newsletter we emailed you about our offer and whoa! thanks many have subscribed to it, don’t hesitate to discover what value we offer to you, join now.


We’ve changed our name from AmalaSoko to Amala Jamii, please continue to stay , learn and follow us for many information and stay ahead.

Saving feature modification

Being updated is Amala continues life so as to adapt with latest innovation, demands and needs of our customers.

We are delighted to inform you about a new updated saving feature in Core Banking that allows SACCOS/ microfinance to post interest either manually or automatically also the interest can be adjusted after configuring the saving products this update will help to improve user experience and make saving interest feature more easy.

 The Truth about Saas Technology

Saas ( software as a service) has penetrated every sector and now many companies are transitioning to a saas model, the explosive growth of Saas can be attributed to the surging demand for cloud based solution that provide unparalleled flexibility, cost effectiveness and scalability and business communities continue to embrace digital transformation and prioritize efficiency .

Financial institution must be prepared to adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the game. Book a demo now and learn more about Amala, go through our blog. Call us through +255 766 521 258 for more understandings.

Happiness happen month

Back in the year 2000, the secret society of happy people decided to dedicate the whole month of August to the active pursuit of happiness . Since summer is at pick we are happy whenever we deliver beyond our stakeholder expectation and we dedicate this month to our clients by offering them free Amala Yangu for your customers in microfinance, Try this offer and see how happy your customers will be and stay close to you.

Dont forget to subscribe into our you tube channel Amala Core Banking .The world has changed, change with Amala technology. See you next month

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