Amala App Suite is a suite of products of Singo Africa Ltd the company which has been in industry for more than 5+years in well efficiency performance. Currently the suite comprises of three products, Amala Core Banking, a back office platform for operations of Microfinance and SACCOS. Amala Yangu, a mobile app for clients/members of the financials institutions and Amala Popote, a mobile app for loan officers of financials institutions.
The products have been helping and simplifying the financial operations to different institutions thus be the high push towards their growth. We believe in integrity, commitment and transparency in serving the best our clients.

A premium software product and services for Microfinance & SACCOS

  • Give you flexibility and ability to comply with law, regulations and growth
  • Advance way to manage your client/members, loan products and financials
  • Carefully designed and built for you who cares about quality, scalability and continuous improvement
  • Supported by ethical, responsible and knowledgeable young talents


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Amala App Suite Features

The rapidly-changing world of microfinance demands the most dynamic solution on the market.

  • Track and manage customers/members groups and individuals data, signature, photo, guarantors, all in a profile.(Before clicking) Easy and flexible way of having your customers data all in one K Y C page. 
  • Innovative, competitive products on loans, savings, deposits, shares, Mandatory savings,Top up loans, Fixed deposits, Incremental disbursement loans. 
  •  Manage your non portfolio accounts, Automatic produced financial/Acconting reports example, Daily trial balance, Automatic accounting period closure, Daily based accruals, Automated loan provisioning,
  •  Accounting reports(Balance sheets, Trial balance, income statement, general ledgers reports) Aging , written-off loans, active loans, portfolio at risk reports, Loan awating disbursal/approva
  • Automatic sending of a Loan repayment reminders to customer, Call for a meeting, Products Campaigns, Deposits reminders to customers Send SMS to officers about prospective customers, loan repayments due 
  • Fiels officer operations on a mobile app, work offline(No internet connection) or online, Loan application , loan repayment, saving deposits all in one mobile application 
  • Manage your clients/member's groups, apply for the loans of the group, approve and disburse the loans, make repayments of the loans, view the repayments that groups have done.
  • Approve and disburse a loan, make repayment, restructure the loan to the new interest rate or loan term, apply top-up loans, attach collaterals and important documents, attach guarantors of the loans.
  • Upload clients/members, loans, savings, shares, loan repayments, savings contributions, share contriutions, journal transactions. All of these and others more can be uploaded at bulk.
  • Create a budget and control the actual revenues and costs with the planned revenues and costs. View variations between the budget and the actuals. Project budgets within the year budget.
  • Zero gap for fraud or theft, know who did what and when. The person who perfomed the task on the system and where it has affected. The system will show you the time of perfomance.
  • Loan waiting for approval to the person who have the permission. Special color to the loan which is waiting for approval to make easy for the approver and send it to the inbox of approver.
  • Saving account allows deposit, withdrawals, overdraft withdrawals with maximum limits, interest on savings and withdrawals charges, lock the account for withdrawal for given period, track dormancy.
  • Add a collateral to the loan, control the value of the collaterals and types which are allowed by an institution. Deny the loan approval when the value is lower than requiered.
  • Add a client/member as a self guarantort, add existing client/member as a guarantor of the laon of another client/member or add external person as a guarantor of the laon. View guarantors.
  • Automatically moving a loan to overdue, send sms when the repayment is due or nearly to be due, collection sheet to view the loans which their repayments are expected for easy followup, report for portifolio at risk and aging reports.

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A technology for financial inclusion that has features for financial institution flexibility to grow and advance in its way of managing customers, financial products, fast and regular reporting capabilities.

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