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How does the system work?

Schedule a demo with the Amala team and visit the Amala system for more illustration and understanding

Is the system automated and can it give loans to more than 1000 clients at once?

Yes it is automated and can provide loans to many clients/members with the same product at once when they are added as members/clients

I need my clients to fill out loan forms themselves, then the office will confirm and approve. is it possible?

Yes it’s possible if you take the system with Amala Yangu

Is it possible that the system does not count holidays and weekends?

It is possible as it’s configurable in the system

We have multiple branches will the system be able to handle them?

It is possible and you can have references from our clients as they have multiple branches

What kinds of reports does the system produce?

All major reports and both TCDC reports for SACCOS and BOT reports for Microfinance such as accounting reports, aging loan reports, loan overdue reports, etc

Should we expect to see all kinds of BOT and accounting reports?

Sure, you can find a variety of BOT and accounting reports in Amala

Is the price flexible and affordable?

Yes it’s affordable and there is always room for negotiations

How sure should we be with your system security?

There is two-factor authentication, test system performance is done after each new update and integration, also perform regular penetration tests to ensure hackers won’t disrupt the software solution

Which servers can we use? If we take the system with our premises will you help with a backup or security in case of disaster?

You can use our servers or your servers and we provide consultation and the service is available in demand

How can we benefit from Amala products?

Amala product increase outreach and ensure sustainability in a long run

Is it a web based or locally installed?

Its a web based system and you can access whenever you have an internet access.

Is it capable of sending alert Messages or SMS to clients/members?

Yes, it is configurable towards the system. We have SMS campaign tool to enable that service

Does it comply with BOT regulations?

Yes, It is customized according to rules and regulations provided by regulators. (BOT, TCDC)

Is it capable of being integrated to other systems?

Yes including accounting software packages such as Xero and Oddo accounting also capable of being integrated with MNO’s and banks