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Our Great Partners

Sccult (1992) Ltd

  • Main Apex organization in Tanzania for Savings and Cooperative Society Organization
  • They market and sell out Amala Core Banking application for SACCOS
  • They represent SACCOS in priotize feature development for the software
  • They ensure quality service delivery to SACCOS
  • They are permanent member of Customer Advisory Board for SACCOS in Singo Africa Limited (owner of Amala Core Banking System)

Tanzania Association of Microfinance Institutions (TAMFI)

  • A National Network for Microfinance Institutions and Service providers providing services to the microfinance institutions and clients of microfinance services.
  • TAMFI’s mission is to facilitate creation of and enabling environment for development of a sustainable microfinance industry in Tanzania through participation of all stakeholders.
  • Singo Africa Limited through Amala Core Banking is a member and partner to ensure the MFI’s are automating their processes as required by the central bank of Tanzania the regulator

Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission (TCDC)

  • TCDC is the regulator responsible for SACCOS support in the central banking to ensure policy, laws and procedures are followed
  • Amala Core Banking ensure the regulatory requirements are fulfilled as well as participate in different engagements for improvement of the sector in general.

Mifos Initiative

  • Mifos Initiative a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit initiative that stewards the global community that builds the Mifos X platform  an open technology platform for financial inclusion used by financial services providers worldwide. Supported by a network of certified local partners like Amala and maintained and extended by a global team of volunteers.
  • Amala Core Banking is a refined, quality assured, localized and improved version of Mifos X platform