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About us

Our Purpose: To improve the financial well-being of emerging markets.

Our Vision: Adding value to our stakeholders beyond their expectations

Our Mission: To Improve, Grow, and Transform businesses by applying utilized business processes and technologies.

About Amala

Amala is a financial technology platform that automates the operations of financial institutions and improves the delivery of financial services. The platform empowers financial institutions that are serving financially excluded populations to provide better services and enable them to grow.

Amala Technologies Limited was founded with a mandate to improve the financial well-being of emerging markets. Amala brings together a young-minded, innovative, and creative team to work together to make full financial inclusion possible in Africa. With the use of disruptive evolving technologies, Amala empowers these financial institutions to provide products that fit the requirements of their clients, easy access to financial services through their mobile phones, access through internet banking, easy making payments, etc. Hence giving a chance for SMEs and individuals to improve their financial well-being.

Technology shouldn’t be only about improving processes, the improvement needs to have an impact on the last consumer of the services that their processes are improved. Adding value to the businesses and lives of whoever we deal with in everything we do is the promise we make and the fuel that drives us.