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About Us

We are software providers to the financial institutions over 7 years of experience in the industry. Our main objective is focused in providing excellent service to our customers which has been the oxygen to our company survival. Our services have been provided from the young and energetic team which work together, share same goals and have the sense of purpose within the business. We have accomplished that through provision of Amala App Suite products.

Through the working team which is equipped with most current and updated knowledge in technology, this has brought the difference of quality of the services we are providing as our products/services we offer have been of the most demanded in today’s world. We help and ensure the community we serve adopt and find easiness in using our technology services through the effective and inner training we give. This has been one of the most achievements to us as  our main goal is to deliver beyond expectation and to let our clients enjoy our services.

The services/products we offer have follow and comply with all national financial rules and regulations, thus we operate under legal and certified conditions. We also work close/partnering with important bodies where our clients belong  to ensure business relationship with them.