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Core Banking System

A one stop-shop center for FinTech, RegTech and CoopTech solutions for Microfinance and Ushirika organizations’ s Information management and Governance challenges. A fully qualified consulting firm with Information & Technology, Accounting and Cooperative management etc. in-depth knowledge and skills to advice, deploy, support and nurture all type of MFIs being it SACCOS, AMCOS, Microfinance, Community Banks, etc. Thus our services include but not limited with below:

Our Services

Back-Office Operations

For back office operations, we have a team enough and qualified to serve you and following and more as per your request
– Accounting relating operations
– IT relating operations
– Perform  governance for compliance
– Data importations

Training & Educating

We provide training of the sector about business in the sector and the required technologies, some of training categories are:
– Awareness Training
– System Functional Training
– Customized Training
– Training to Educate the Sector

Implementation services

After you have purchased the product of your choice, our team will be available to provide implementation services that you will need, some of them are:
– System Configurations or Customization.
– Training of the system.
– Quality assurance and User acceptance testing
– Communication and Documentation.
– Analysis for Benefit Realization.

Project Management

– Demand Management
– Develop   an achievable improvement Plan
– Project Review & Recovery
– Scrum and Agile based
– Milestone Tracking
– Portfolio Management
– Organizational Change and Risk Management
– Resource Management

Business Analytics | Intelligence

We have excellent knowledge and tools as well as we are passionate to help our clients and organizations in:
– Make a sound commercial decision
– Understanding the available primary & secondary data more comprehensively, that affects the operational efficiency
– Having a competitive edge. Incorporates the data available with thought models to enhance business decisions.
– Converting available data into valuable information and  helps in attaining the desired outcome and positive results.

SACCOS/MFI as a Service

A fully managed services for SACCOS/MFI, Software as A Service and Business Processes Outsource for smaller SACCOS/MFI that can’t afford to have fully IT & HR, as well as competence required by regulations.
– Management of the software
– Loan request fulfillment
– Share request fulfillment
– Statement request fulfillment
– Loan eligibility processing
– Document and Archive Approvals
– Report extractions of any kind
– Financial Year Closing
– Applies for small SACCOS/MFI with scarce HR.
– Process approved payments
– Approvals are retained by SACCOS/MFI

IT Policy

As MFIs depend on information technology in servicing their clients it is indispensable that they establish policies, procedures in ensure value is optimized, resources are well managed, and risk is reduced.

We help MFI’s working with us to establish their IT policies at very little by well coaching on areas related to:

– IT Governance
– IT Management
– IT infrastructure, planning, acquisition, build, run and monitor
– Software Application, system/service Acquisitions, build, run and monitor
– IT project management
– Service Management
– Information Security
– Service continuity etc

RegTech to comply with GRC

We go extra mile to help our customer and client comply on all issues related to governance, Risk and Compliance through Technology.
– Regulatory reporting
– Risk Management
– Compliance
– Training on Micro-finance, Cooperative policy, law/act and Regulations
– As well as outsource transaction services for MFIs that can not afford to have internal competent human resources

Consultation Services

We provide consultation of business and technologies in following areas:
– Ushirika Sector
– Banking Sector
– Micro Credits