Amala Jamii

Where borrowers meet Lenders and make informative decision on borrowing


Are you to be a borrower? Explore options of loans before you commit to which loan you want to take. Are you a lender? Shout out your loan packages and engage your clients directly

Know exactly how you will have to pay your loan with a Loan calculator

Save your repayment schedules to visit them later

Tell people what types of Loans your institution provides and your potential clients can hear you at an instant time without any delay

Get opportunity to ask financial institutions the loan packages they have without physically visiting them one by one in their offices

Consult an financial advisor of your choosing

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Who Are We

Amala Jamii is where Borrowers and Lenders meet, borrowers empowered with information to make decision on which loan is suitable for them and get consultants on if their are in a good financial state to take a loan and if its the best choice at the moment.