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June 2023 Newsletter


Welcome to Amala newsletter.

Can you believe its June already?! We’re fast approaching the halfway point of 2023.That time of a year that makes you stop and gasp “wasn’t it Christmas just yesterday”.

As we celebrated our Dads, father’s figure, and influential men in our lives “A father’s love is guiding light that shines through every step of life” Happy fathers’ day.

Dare day as we remember on 1st of June its dare day and we dare to you that, you experience the accurate, affordable and the quality Amala product and we challenge you to try us now:sunglasses:

Seamless user experience

Being updated is Amala culture so as to adapt with new innovation, demands and needs of our customers. We are delighted to inform you about a new updated feature in Amala Yangu that allows SACCOS/ microfinance to personalize “contact us” details according to your preference, this update will ensure that your clients can reach easily to your institution with accurate contact details.

Goodbye manual work

On Juneteenth (June 19), its annual celebration honoring the end of slavery on US also its a reminder of the many freedom we continue to fight for.

As we continue to fight for manual operation to financial institution include SACCOS, microfinance and microcredit and advising them to adopt technological changes for the betterment of present and quality future. What are you waiting for to handle accurately your financial matters?

Book a demo now to learn more about Amala and go through our blog. Call us through +255 766 521 258 for more understandings.

Do you know what marks June 21 on northern hemisphere? It marks the longest day of the year in northern hemisphere and kicks of the start of the summer

I hope you enjoyed reading. See you next month

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