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Amala Core Banking 3.5.8 – Release Notes

We are extremely happy and excited about the successful release of another new version of Amala Core Banking for FinTech, particularly in the financial inclusion of the community in Tanzania.

In this version 3.5.8, we have fixed a number of cross-cutting bugs and we have added useful features to Amala Core Banking for web and mobile platforms.

In order to let you know the changes that we have updated in this version, We will tell you about them.


In order to ensure high accuracy of the data being stored in the system for effective use, we have restricted loans for retiring clients. For this reason, all retiring members should get permission inside the organization to apply for loans.

Also, we have fixed the error that prevented the submission of additional shares. Submission of additional share can be done by navigating to Client/member(select member)> share account overview(select share product)> apply additional share(fill the required details) > submit.

To ensure data integrity, we have prevented the Deletion of Genereal Legder book of account for all the General Ledger books that are linked to financial accounts.


We have highly improved the availability of client data in the Mobile application to allow fetch of client details

Loan Application

In this version, we have prohibited members who have no saving accounts to submit their loan applications in both Amala Yangu and Amala Core Banking. Therefore, this requires all loan applicants to have a savings account called maendeleo account.

Also, we have improved the number of rescheduling a loan. Now a financial institution can limit the number of rescheduling of their loans by enabling / disabling the feature in the global configuration.


We have also made the table report to show the groups’ loan details. Now you can view the active loan details through Reports > loans>active loan details


We have extremely simplified the process of waving penalties to clients. Now clients can select the amount they want to wave and the system will deduct itself from the amount placed as a penalty for a specific client.

Enjoy using Amala Core Banking 3.5.8

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