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Amala Core Banking 3.5.7 – Release Notes

We are very contented and excited to announce the successful release of another new version of Amala Core Banking for FinTech, particularly in the financial inclusion of the community in Tanzania.

In version 3.5.7, we have settled and eradicated a number of cross-cutting bugs and we have added useful features to Amala Core Banking for web and mobile platforms.

For the sake of getting you acquainted with the changes that we have updated in this version, We will tell you about them.

First, in order to avoid random selection of the payment type, we have ensured that the fund source to be used is linked to the type of payment that was selected during making the transaction in the Advance Accounting Rule.

Second, we have improved the savings account details to include the fields “Locked For” which shows the number of days the account have been locked as well as the field “Locked Until Date” which shows the date a saving account will be unlocked (to enable withdrawal transactions). This is to let members know if the saving account is locked and for what range of time.

Third, We have improved our reports by adding the TCDC reports that are needed to be deployed in this version, among them are the Deposits and Loans in the Banks and Financial Institution. Also, we have ensured the filtering of data by transaction date in the collection report to secure easy sorting of the collection reports. Furthermore, we have automated the custom report generation during installation to avoid the manual creation of the report.

Fourth, In order to ensure a correct validation of all the information available in our system, we have prevented the deletion of the GL account book if it is linked with any of the configured products. We hope this will affirm positive feelings of our customs about the good relationship among the data captured and stored within the system.

On top of all those, we have fixed some bugs which prevented our customers from enjoying the use of the system and ensured that the mobile application for Amala Yangu is easily accessible on Google Play store.

That’s all, thanks for using our system. We hope you will enjoy using Amala Core Banking 3.5.7.

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