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Continuous Improvement of Microfinance System to met your needs

For the all years Singo Africa has been operating  in the industry, it has contributed much on the information technology knowledge  to most of SACCOSs  and Microcredits something which has led to the operation transformation towards their growth.  For that matter Amala Core Banking system has been considering the frequent updates of the system to make sure it well comply with financial regulations but also to keep in line with the universe technological growth.

As we aim to continue serving and giving out the most above the expectation, different by-products have been developed which has brought the biggest impact to the institutions which have already started to use them. There is Amala Mobile Application which aims at creating the convenience towards system usage through using the mobile application, also the availability of SMS campaign which has been one the marketing and communication tools for a certain SACCOS/Microfinance which bring easy contact with their members/clients.

We believe and we are consistent to every feature updated in both Amala Core Banking and the mobile apps as we aim to serve more financial institutions in coming years. That is why the customer satisfaction has been our priority.

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