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July 2022 Newsletter


We are so glad you’re still interested in hearing from us, it’s our pleasure to keep on sharing with you, after all, what is life without having people to share it with? Thanks again for turning in!

On this season of the Sabasaba holiday, we are accepting a 50% down payment and giving you full Amala Core Banking, and offering free use of mobile apps. Join now

Stay connected with your customer with Amala bulk SMS

Use personalized automatic SMS to notify your customers about their account summary, your product promotions, news, and events, campaign your products or services


We participated in the launch of the money laundering program [AML] held at Police Officers Mess and was conducted by TPFCS and TAMFI on Thursday, 2 June for the purpose of raising awareness on self-confidence and cyber-bullying, also cyber-crime  control, and money laundering which is caused by humanitarian causes

Amala team is running an Amala Academy program that gives opportunities to fresh talents to discover their career journey. Spread word to people who qualify to join.

loan account management

Amala Core Banking supports loan management from its product creation to closure, monitoring, and disbursing to its customers by improving speed, accurate loan application, and better quality evaluation decisions. Learn more about loan account management How to open loan account 1

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  Singo Africa, Amala Core Banking, Amalasoko

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