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May 2020 Newsletter

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Successfully Customer Advisor Board Meeting
What clients say about the Amala Core banking
Response to Covid-19, the company swift actions
New release of Amala Core Banking


Successfully Customer Advisory Board Meeting

Amala team was very much delighted to conduct the first Customer Advisory Board meeting, where the company explain the objective of the CAB meeting or co-creative value through the product Amala as well as service associated with it.

The company promised more transparency on value core-creation and ask for how frequency the meeting should happen.

On the client side, they were very happy to have initiative and promised to support it, they asked questions and gost response from team and proposed improvements and new services and product features.
Some of the features, suggested was very much welcome and it will be shipped in 2 weeks time.

What clients say about Amala Core Banking
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,

  Yes, it’s time to reflect on how far we have come together with our clients.
  In this issue, our esteemed clients are narrating their journey in a unique way.

Response to Covid-19, the company swift actions

It was like a surprise, but real the Covid-19 is here and we have to learn on how to live with it, see how our company coped?

Immediate after Tanzania recorded the first corona virus infections, the management decided to transform the company and work from home by 100%. A decision made by the whole team is one of the best decision we have done.

Why, the performance has improved tremendously, clients are getting quality service. Overall all are happy.

It was like the company was already fully prepared for pandemic.

Second, we know what is happening to our clients etc, and thus just after 2 months we have come up with response to Covid-19 pandemic impact, our services pricing and implementation has been adopted and we still deliver all products and services without putting our legs to customer premises, neither clients needs to come to our office.

We care our staff and we care about our country, people, clients and family, so we assure you we can continue help to you to stay relevant.

New Release of Amala Core Banking

As we keep on improving the Amala Core Banking so that it can make the life of our clients easy by simplify their work.

We have now released Amala Core Banking 3.3 which is the sixth release since we started releasing the first version.

More reports have been added. Security of the system strengthen and fixes and enhancements.

Find the meeting notes of the current release and other previous releases.

Other Updates

Manufactures, retail, distributors please join viewing our new website at Singo Africa Limited please give us your comments.

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