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Grimps Microfinance Limited started off on the right foot

Have less time consuming in their operations, accurate report and can work remotely as result of implementation of proper Information Management System – Amala Core Banking by Singo Africa Limited.

Grimps Microfinance

How was the situation before using Amala Core Banking?

Before Amala Core Banking application deployment, we were just using Microsoft Excel manually, which was tiresome and time consuming. i.e. all reports were generated manually.

How is the situation now?

The situation now is good as we are able to post our entries, reports of different types are automatically generated hence less time consumed and reports are accurate, also we can work from remote area and other members like shareholders can access the reports and assess the company worthiness day to day, using any device being computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why did you chose to partner with Singo Africa, which solution selected?

We chose to partner with Single Africa as some shareholders were familiar with your company services hence recommended as best solution; and we started by Amala Core Banking (Web) and now testing Amala Loan Officer (mobile App).

How was project done?

The project was done well with much care and accuracy especially during data migration.

How is the situation now, from support to system etc?

We get necessary support timely and happy from Singo Africa help desk; they have best way of handling customer issues.

What is expectation going forward?

We anticipate more improvement going forward.

In general, what would you advise a organization which don’t have this service or using other options?

I would advise to use the services offered by Singo Africa Limited as it is the best solution in many ways.

About Grimps Microfinance Limited

Grimps Microfinance Limited is a private owned limited liability company which was incorporated on 19 November 2017. The company has a total of 96 active borrower with current loan portfolio of about 46.0 million. As mentioned earlier this is a new business at infant stage, and started business in April 2019.

We offer loans to Small and medium size entrepreneurs as well as staff loans to various organization. We are still at infant stage hence striving to penetrate in the market.

Our Audited Report is not out but the business is promising and we managed to break-even for one year with very small profit.

About Singo Africa Limited

A business technology and consulting service company, owning a premium Microfinance and SACCOS software platform that transforms the businesses and sector by the name of “Amala App Suite”. The company care about return on investment of its clients. We don’t just install, we ensure realize benefit of your decision and investing in technology.
The company is also doing excellent products in retail, distribution and manufacturing etc.


Grimps Microfinance Limited                                                                                          Singo Africa Limited
Mr. Peter Enock Mpoli                                                                                                         Mr. Baraka Nyoni
CEO                                                                                                                                        Service & Support Specialist                                                                  
petermpoli36@gmail.com                                                                                               huduma@singo.africa
                                                                                                                                              +255 71 260 5130

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