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Our Response to Covid 19; Amala App Suite

The world is passing through a shadow, many businesses are being shut down, people are abandoning their work places, schools are closed and the world economy is at risk. In this period, the trends of many businesses are at risk and some running to closure due to the breakout and the spread of the pandemic Corona virus (Covid 19) that has attacked many countries in the world so far Tanzania being one of them. Many businesses are figuring out how they are going to operate and maintain their economic power since the major prevention against the disease is avoiding contact between people by implementing social distancing and staying home.

In this manner of staying home and working from home many businesses finds it harder for them to operate and run their business because so far the nature of many business require social interactions between the business entities and their customers.

In the finance sector, the situations is not as easy as in any other sector. However the Central Bank (BoT) and regulators emphasis on electronic transactions and digital operations so as to keep the businesses safe in this period that so far has not been known when it shall come to pass.

Amala App Suite is a digital solution for your SACCOS and Microfinance business that gives you what you actually need and more. We assure your business keep on working even in this periods without affecting your economic position. Our system enhance to your business availability, accuracy and effective and effective solutions. You will be able to manage loans, your clients, shares and savings, keep proper records of data and ensure nothing will your business runs short because of any factor. Our system is not limited with locations, thus you can work anywhere at any time.

Moreover, Amala App Suite in responding to Covid 19 pandemic, gives you ease in getting our services to you. You will be able to learn about our products, ask for supervised demo, see our price quotation and guide, sign our Service Level Agreements (SLA) and pay initial price for starting a project. Project will start and be implemented remotely to ensure us and you STAY SAFE and protect our loved one.

After project execution, you will be able to make the remaining payments by INSTALLMENTS in to be agreed convenient way. We know your business is facing challenges in this period and we would like to give you the best while considering your situation. Contact us today and get the best solution for your business.

We keep reminding and urging all, to take necessary precautions as advised by medical professionals.

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