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Our mission being realized step by step…

The Singo Africa family was blessed to have one of member being picked by Apache Fineract Community to serve as PMC.  This is inline of our mission of being responsible, reliable and trusted in the universe where we work.

The company wish all the best Mexina M. Daniel for the trust the community has given her; we are confident that she will serve diligently, effectively and with passion.

One of our core value is “relentless collaboration” and we believe it is only through the community like Mifos and Apache Fineract that the underbanked and unbanked can be reached… this is how to give as well to the community and make Africa and Tanzania great again… by automating SACCOS, Microfinance, VICOBA, AMCOS etc.

As Singo Africa Limited, we will continue to play our part for the initiative of not only we do, but we enjoy doing it…  we like to serve… as they say “The highest level of Living is Giving”,  we have started and we will continue to give through our blessed intellectuals.

Go… go… go Mexina and keep represent the company, our beloved nation and actually our #Jumuiya too…

About Mexina Daniel

Impact: All throughout our worldwide community we have countless individuals who stay involved on a regular basis. However, barely anyone can say they are as consistently active as Mexina Daniel. Mexina comes to us through Singo Africa, one of our outstanding Partners from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Working as the lead software director, Mexina has been constantly participating in our mailing lists, wiki, and issue trackers. She is extremely thorough in all of her work and is driven to see the success of the Initiative. Mexina and the team at Singo Africa are pushing the Mifos influence forward in Tanzania and across Eastern Africa…..>>>

About Mifos

Is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit initiative that stewards the global community that builds the Mifos X platform – an open technology platform for financial inclusion used by financial services providers worldwide, supported by a network of certified local partners and maintained and extended by a global team of volunteers…..>>>>

What is PMC ?

Project Management Committee (PMC) votes on software product releases and elects new PMC members and committers to their Apache project.

Fundamentally, the most important organization at the ASF is a PMC, or Project Management Committee. These are the actual groups that decide what software our projects release, and as such do the bulk of the actual work of the ASF ….>>>>

About Apache Fineract

Apache Fineract (\’fīn-,ә-,rakt\) is open source software for financial services.

Fineract provides a reliable, robust, and affordable solution for entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and service providers to offer financial services to the world’s 2 billion underbanked and unbanked. Fineract is aimed at innovative mobile and cloud-based solutions, and enables digital transaction accounts for all.

Fineract 1.x is a mature platform with open APIs, while Fineract CN is a cloud native, microservice architecture also supporting open banking APIs

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