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We Walk the Talk…!!!!

It’s easier to be said than being done….

Again, we are delighted to have one of our director to be certified on Financial Management in Co-operatives

When we decided to serve SACCOs and Microfinance sector, we meant it and the fact we continue add knowledge even though we had it… it just show and demonstrate to the world exactly that we really meant to serve this sector diligently with passion and lot of enthusiasm.

You can join us in congratulating our Business Development Director, Ms. Leah D. Mbilinyi for graduating as a Professional Certified in SACCOS Management at Moshi Co-operative University. Also she hold a bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from The Institute of Finance Management.

We have no doubt that all of her knowledge will be passed on to our esteemed clients and customers… she will serve with highest level of professionalism and love!!!

To our partners, TCDC, TAMFI, SCCULT expect more from us… we will continue grow together….

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