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Tanzania Financial Services Conference & Expo 2019

The Tanzania Financial Services Conference and Expo 2019 which was conducted at Dar es salaam at Julius Nyerere International Convention Center from 28th to 30th, January 2019 with participants from financial services industry and technology industry.

It aimed at bringing different ideas in providing opportunities for industry experts and industry members to network, exchange experiences and learn from the top of the industry guests for successful partnerships going forward. it was dedicated to bring together key players to discuss the future of financial services providers, the financing of financial services institutions, and partnerships between regional networks.

On 28th, different banks shared their experience in the industry and the challenges which they are facing were discussed, also how they can collaborate with Fintech companies to provide customer centric services and products instead of concentrating on competing. On 29th, the main theme of the conference was East African microfinances, their outreach to the countries members of EAC and how they should collaborate with commercial banks without forgetting leveraging of technologies for better service provision. And on 30th, More presentations and discussions continued on ideas that can improve the financial services in the country and on the continent. In all these three days there were guests from outside East Africa to share their experience and suggestion on improvements on the sector.

The East African Microfinance Conference 2019 that took place of 29th has always been the highest profile events on financial inclusion and Microfinance in the region. Approximately 500 (five hundreds) participants attended the conference this year from East and Central Africa and even from outside the region.

Singo Africa Limited were delighted to participate in such event, we got a chance to meet in person with the people we are serving and understand more and more the industry. We believe in order for us to be able to provide customer centric products, we have to listen more from the customer and be able to provide what the want.

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