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Responsible and Approved Service Provider for SACCOS | Ushirika

In mid-2015, management and the entire staff of Singo Africa Limited convened a meeting to quest for what the company should be in the medium term, the outcome of the meeting was our vision:-

 “To be the top valued and preferred business technology services partner by 2019.”

Today, mid-2018 we are thrilled to look back and see where we came from… other than the trust we have earned from our esteemed clients, Ushirika and Microfinance industry among others…  We feel honoured to be consecutively be valued and trusted by regulators of the industry we operate, specifically to TCDC.

To management and staff of Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission (TCDC), our sector regulator, we feel indebted for the trust on us… by continue being among the few performing and hence approved service provider to continue serving the sector for now and future.

Our promise:

We will continue to serve the sector in responsibly, reliably and respected manner… we will continue to demonstrate our highest level of transparency and Integrity on what we do because we believe in “Growing Together” and this only happens in the environment of collaboration, continuous improvement and continue challenging status quo!!!

While recently the sector has been highly regulated, however, we translate this into predictability…meaning we at least know what is required, the regulator TCDC has been always open for consultation and involvement in the regulation update and for this, we thank them.

Individually and as a Team, our company is quite strong today than ever, our level of expertise is something we are proud of, our professionalism, our efficiency & effectiveness, and eventually the growth of each of us… we can only say …”Thank God for the Wonders”, for deciding to make us be in one energetic, diversity, gender balanced and young winning team!

About TCDC

The org was established by the Cooperative Societies Act No. 6 of 2013 and is mandated to regulate and promote the development of the cooperative sector.
The roles of the Commission are to regulate and promote the development of the cooperative sector through carrying out the following functions:-

For the purposes of regulating cooperative societies, the functions of the
The commission shall be to:
(i) To register and deregister cooperative societies;
(ii) To inspect and supervise cooperative societies;
(iii) To keep and maintain the register of cooperative societies;
(iv) To publish names of registered or de-registered societies in the Gazette;
(v) To determine disputes and complaints arising from cooperative societies;

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About Singo Africa Limited

A business technology & consulting company with its flagship SACCOS, Ushirika and Microfinance product called Amala App Suite based on Mifos X!

We are a valued and trusted partner of Mifos Initiative in Tanzania. We engage our customers in consultation on Ushirika and Microfinance business… not only technology (TEHAMA) but as well underline business process, we have a team made up of IT, Accounting, Ushirika and Banking… for us, this sector is long-term focus… we are as well an active member of TAMFI

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