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Women Empowerment in Financial Inclusion

On September 2018, The Puple Planet, an organisation for Women Empowerment and Development under the CEO Madam Hilda Kisoka (Malkia wa Nguvu 2018/2019 on woman Empowerment) launch out the campaign of The 100 days of Right women in the society

This based on the remaining days to complete a year of 2018 under monitoring and evaluation, the aim is to promote and empower all women who are in the right direction on doing the right things at the right time. We all believe, when women are empowered, the development is assured to happen.

There are different messages created from women, the aim is to encourage other women who failed due to either lack of right knowledge or weren’t well informed to do the right things on their activities especially on financial management.

Singo Africa Limited, a business technology and consulting company, appreciate the campaign and join it as it value women and practice the movement. On this campaign, the director of business development at Singo Africa Limited and member of the Puple Planet Madam Leah D. Mbilinyi says ”Time has come for the blessed women in leadership and or entrepreneurship to demonstrate their strong capability to the community in leading and running their respective businesses;

We, being women in our organization we feel obliged in raising others to their desired goals if not level…..as wise women will always also consider the success of other fellow women.

In that belief, we managed to convince staff and management of our company and have unanimously decided to offer up to 30%discount of our product and services and actually free consultation services for the anniversary period of “100 days”.

The offer applies only to performing and sustainable VICOBA, MFIs, SACCOs, NGO and SMEs,  Viwanda and entire Supply Chain, Ushirika and Kilimo lead or run by Women!.

Our motto:-

“Let’s grow together by running women’s lead businesses efficiently & effectively” .

Financial inclusion for women and girls can create gender equality by empowering them and giving them greater control over their financial lives.

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