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Amala Core Banking 3.3.0 – Release Notes

We are happy and pleased to successfully release another major version of our awarding Amala Core Banking platform for FinTech, especially in financial inclusion of the unbanked and underbanked community in Tanzania.

In this release of Amala we have shipped in the following key new features among others:- Improved an organizational reports:

We know that business reports are valued tools for tracking and analyzing performance and overall business health, while opening the opportunities to improve and make market gains. In that case we have worked hard to enhance the organizational reports as:-

  • Enabled more reports for getting more reports easily

14 more reports which were previously not available to our clients are now available

The reports are:-

  • Loan Account Schedule
  • ProgramDirectorStats
  • GroupSummaryCounts
  • ProgramStats
  • FieldAgentStats
  • ClientSummary
  • ProgramDetails
  • LoanCyclePerProduct
  • ChildrenStaffList
  • GroupSavingSummary
  • CoordinatorStats
  • GroupNamesByStaff
  • BranchManagerStats
  • GroupSummaryAmounts

Improvement of User Interface

To ensure the application is user friend we have worked hard for improvement in the following areas:-

  • As now you can see more than 14 rows in the list of clients, groups and centers. You can also sort the mentioned lists in any column of your choose.
  • In this release we have resolved the problem of viewing client signatures from client profile.
  • We have added advanced search of guarantor name in which some members won’t appear in list of guarantors while existing in the system.

Product Quality assurance improvements

  • Changes in hosting, now the application is hosted in dedicated location not related to any other services.
  • The development, user testing and live system are in separate environment to ensure the quality of system change requests implemented are fully tested and minimize errors shipped to live system and hence overall quality of the product. Customer’s UAT environment will be shared soon.,
  • Branding of the system from Amala Pamoja to Amala Core Banking:

Improvement in security:

The major key point for any banking application is security., And Banking application needs to ensure they real take care of security standards. We have improved on how the system handles the credentials of the user, And we will continue to improve more, because security is area of importance to our clients.

Together with new features added, bug fixes and some enhancements are done to improve performance and ease the business processes.

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