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SBC SACCOS Limited happy to have better Audit Report as a result of implementation of proper Information Management System

How was the situation before using Amala App Suite?

Before Using Amala Core Banking we were using Ms Excel for our operation but this was let us to consume a lot of time during our operation, It is quite different with today we use Amala system, We use less time in our operation because we provide service to our members in time, It depend on what they need whether is report, receipt, loan statement e.t.c

What made you to choose Singo Africa Limited through it award winning solution to be your preferred partner?

Through the persuasive demonstration made to us, to see the system cover almost what we require especially the best solution made us to select to partner with Singo Africa is report which one of our factor we have considered for selection of service provider which cover our needs in report such as client, share, loan, saving and Accounting report which are mandatory for any SACCOS.

Even though there were option to select on-premise, we felt the one real fit for SACCOS intuition like ours, is cloud option, as you know we don’t have or rather we cannot afford to IT resources and all it needs to make sure the system is running flawless and get the service expected.

How is the situation now?

The current situation is fascinating, since we have started to use Amala app Suite, a core banking application for Microfinance and SACCOS, our activities run smoothly because the system brought great improvement to our operation especially in our data management such as Loan, Saving and share Management

COASCO resent report: Is good, the system meets the regulator requirement.

Do you have any comment on how was project done?

The project was done successfully; especially for consideration of time management,  since it is delivered in time as planned and fully accomplished, I would like to say it is a great project and thanks to Singo Africa for being reliable in project implementation.

How is the situation now, from support and others you may want to mention?

Support is great because we get what we need from the system and on time such as accurate Report from the data inserted on the system, So it is a great system to use.

What is your expectation going forward?

Team Singo to continue add more features which will continue make our operation on the system much easier, that assist cooperative organization in their daily operation by using Amala App Suite. The good thing is always each quarter the they release a new version, continue keeping this trend.

In general, what would you advise a organization which don’t have this service or using other options?

Amala Core banking is suitable for credit union. I advice and recommend for those credit union to use Amala Core Banking because it meets regulator and SACCOS requirements, it is user friendly and understandable even for those who do not have experience of using systems, they can use Amala Core Banking since it is easy to use.

About SBC SACCOS Limited

We were in incorporated on October 13, 2005 with the mission of revive the financial and economic situation to its members through Loan with affordable conditions to all its members, we were able to provide Total Loan by year 500+, to almost 450+ members.

About Singo Africa Limited

A business technology and consulting service company, owning a premium microfinance and SACCOS software platform that transforms the businesses and sector by the name of “Amala app Suite”. The company care about return on investment of its clients. We don’t just install, we ensure realize benefit of your decision and investing in technology.

The company is also doing excellent products in retail, distribution and manufacturing etc.


SBC SACCOS Limited                                                                                                               Singo Africa Limited
Ms Rashda Rashidi                                                                                                                    Mr. Baraka Nyoni
Accountant                                                                                                                                 Service & Support Specialist
amour1410@gmail.com                                                                                                             huduma@singo.africa
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