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Amala Core Banking 3.1.0 – Release Notes

We are happy and pleased to successfully release another major version of our awarding Amala Core Banking system for FinTech, especially in financial inclusion of the unbanked and underbanked community in Tanzania, a platform based on Apache Fineract and Mifos.

In this release of Amala we have shipped in the following key new features among others:- –

Security: We take the security of the system very seriously and always looking on how to strengthen it, this release comes with:-

The feature to require the old password when a normal user is trying to change his/her password.

Removal for SQL command section on report mail to avoid SQL injection.

Loan Management: As a core business of any financial institution, it may need enhancements and new things from time to time, on this release the Amala App Site comes with

The Overdue loan section on the dashboard with its counting, this helps the MFI user to know how many overdue loans are there out of the active loans present. This link leads to the list of all overdue loans.

User-Friendly: System should not be hard to use and should be easy to get the information needed, this release has come with:-

A dashboard that shows more statistical data of different entities and the link to the particular entity for user’s easy access.

Together with new features added, bug fixes and some enhancements are done to improve performance and ease the business processes.

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