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Quality service is dealing with clients and customers respectfully and helpfully. An example of quality service is a retail worker helping a customer process a return efficiently and helpfully that create magnificent profit and benefits. From the viewpoint of business administration, quality service is an achievement in customer service. It reflects at each service encounter. Customers form service expectations from past experiences, word of mouth and marketing communications. Service quality, in its contemporary conceptualization, is a comparison of perceived expectations of a service with perceived performance.

It is a dear dedication to help your client get what they expect and even more than what they merely expect to get from your business. The way the feel listened, understood, recognized hence find themselves valued and build a great bond with you and your business. This result to Trust between you and your clients and you don’t just create the business relationship but you generate power to conquer your economic obstacles together.

Quality Service to customers is a created behaviour, thus anyone can deliver a quality service, they only need to be committed to delivering it because at times it might be challenging and yet as a service provider you must be persistent in making your customers happy and give them what they expect you to deliver.

To deliver a quality service to your customers you need to have some necessary dimensions that with them your service is tested to have the quality to your customers, that means passion, dedication and commitment only are not enough. In other words, if providers get these dimensions right, customers will hand over the keys to their loyalty. Because they’ll have received service excellence. According to what’s important to them.

The five SERVICE QUALITY dimensions are[1]:

RELIABILITY-Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. Do what you say you’re going to do when you said you were going to do it. Customers want to count on their providers. They value that reliability. Don’t providers yearn to find out what customers value? This is it. Its three times more important to be reliable than have shiny new equipment or flashy uniforms. Does not mean you can have ragged uniforms and only be reliable. Service providers have to do both. But providers first and best efforts are better spent making service reliable. Whether it’s periodic on schedule, on-site response within Service Level Agreements (SLAs), or Work Orders completed on time.

RESPONSIVENESS-Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service. Waiting a day to return a call or email doesn’t make it. Even if customers are chronically slow in getting back to providers, responsiveness is more than 1/5th of their service quality assessment. Service providers benefit by establishing internal SLAs for things like returning phone calls, emails and responding on-site. Whether it’s 30 minutes, 4 hours, or 24 hours, its important customers feel providers are responsive to their requests. Not just emergencies, but everyday responses too

ASSURANCE-Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence. Service providers are expected to be the experts of the service they are delivering. It is a given. SERVQUAL research[2] showed it is important to communicate that expertise to customers. If a service provider is highly skilled, but customers don’t see that, their confidence in that provider will be lower. And their assessment of that provider’s service quality will be lower.

EMPATHY-Caring, individualized attention the firm provides its customers. Services can be performed completely to specifications. Yet customers may not feel provider employees care about them during delivery. And this hurts customers’ assessments of providers’ service quality.

TANGIBLES-Appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials. Even though this is the least important dimension, appearance matters. Just not as much as the other dimensions. Service providers will still want to make certain their employees’ appearance, uniforms, equipment, and work areas on-site (closets, service offices, etc.) look good. The danger is for providers to make everything look sharp, and then fall short on RELIABILITY or RESPONSIVENESS

All these dimensions are important to customers, but some more than others. Service providers need to know which are which to avoid majoring in minors. At the same time, they cannot focus on only one dimension and let others suffer.

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All in all, service delivery matters; This is all that Amala App Suite offers you and your business the best service with the quality that will cherish your business experience. Attend your problems on time and with accuracy. A quality service that will lead your business to growth and success, a service that will make you happy and wish to always be server by Amala App Suite team that is full of integrity and with professional experience altogether.

Amala App Suite is a system that is well equipped with a team of experts who all the time are dedicated to providing the best services to all our clients but also advise on the timely bases of the system operation. Let Amala App Suite be the saviour of your microfinance business management; by kindly visiting us to get your affordable solutions and services that could lead your business to the paramount of hope gross profit and safety to your business operations.

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