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Dedicated to Support SACCOs-Microfinance Sector in Tanzania

SACCOs-Microfinance sector is a financial sector that aims at lifting the lives of the people in the communities who believe in small savings which make them important and special financial institutions include accessibility to all areas, flexibility and is not complicated due to the fact that they have been established by people themselves and encourage saving from its members.

In Tanzania this sector is rapidly growing compared to when it was introduced, it keeps acquiring many members according to how days keep on moving and in line to the local communities development study and researches shows that more than 20,000 people join and start new SACCOs-Microfinance in Rural and Urban corners of the United Republic of Tanzania. This is not so because it has low billing fees in joining or running them but because they entirely dedicate their operations to helping the communities, to promote thrift among its members by affording them an opportunity for accumulating their savings, and to create thereby, a source from which loans can be made to them exclusively, at a fair and reasonable rates of interest, and to provide the opportunity to use and control their money for their mutual benefit

These play a critical role in building community wealth for several key reasons: They often provide quality goods and services to areas that have been shunned by traditional businesses because they are deemed less profitable markets. They typically invest in local communities.

It is important to note that SACCOs-Microfinance sector plays a supportive role to its members in the community than making a profit of its own. However, this being the case it does not imply that the SACCOs-Microfinance are limited their institutional growth because that too, in the long run, marks the development and growth of the institutions. Now the law through its provisions and regulations provides the ample environment where all these can be carried on and made possible for the growth of the institutions and its members at large. One of these rescuing mechanisms set up by the regulators is introducing the Financial digital operational system that among many tasks helps and promote the operations of these SACCOs-Microfinance institutions and the Sector at large.

This opens the door for Amala Suite App, the number one leading SACCOs-Microfinance supporter that is characterized with fine efficient, accurate timely and problem-solving features for the SACCOs-Microfinance Institutions in Tanzania. With Amala Suite App the user is availed with an opportunity to control manage and monitor the operations of his institutions and the members at large. Management of data is done at a very professional way with a team of qualified experts in the areas of Microfinance and Cooperative Sector alongside with the superb I.T consultation that is available at all times when needed and at very affordable prices, that any SACCOs-Microfinance institution can handle.

It is a friendly system that is easy to use and the available support from our team will make you enjoy the usage and many of our features that with no doubt shall make you feel comfortable anytime using Amala Suite App.

To get this wonderful support, kindly visit us to get your affordable solutions and services that could lead your business to the paramount of hope gross profit and safety to your business operations.

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