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Amala Self Service 1.0 – Release Notes

We are happy and pleased to successfully release our first version of mobile app for clients/members of financial institutions Amala Self Service supported by Amala Core Banking 1.0 on November 2018 that will serve the clients/members of financial inclusion of unbanked and underbanked community in Tanzania.

A mobile App for clients/members, they can now access their information and do some operations which was previous done online in the back office system of the institutions.

Among the features available in the app are:-

Loan Accounts

  • Apply for a loan.
  • List of all loans of that client/member
  • Amount of the loan outstanding.
  • Status of the loan.
  • Paying the loan from the saving account.
  • View the repayment schedule.

Saving Accounts

  • Balance of the saving account.
  • Transferring saving balances from one account to another.


  • View all available charges.
  • Status of the charge.


  • Be able to transfer amount to a beneficiary.

Also with friendly user interface and easy to use.

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