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Amala Loan Officer 1.0 – Release Notes

We are happy and pleased to successfully release our first version of mobile app for loan officers Amala Loan Officer supported by Amala Core Banking 1.0 on November 2018 that will serve the loan officers of financial inclusion of unbanked and underbanked community in Tanzania.

A mobile App for field officers , loan/credit officers can now perform some functionalities which were only done in office before, now they can be done anywhere, anytime on any device. E.g. operations like:-

1. Creation

  • New Clients/Members
  • New Groups and Centers
  • New Loan Accounts
  • New Savings Accounts
  • New Share Accounts

2. Transactions

  • Making loan repayments from savings
  • Making savings deposits from another saving account.
  • Making savings withdraws to another saving account.

3. Capability to search anything that is in the app.

4. Capability to work offline.

5. Be able to view a collection sheet to know the expected collections.

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