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Leading Service Provider to SACCOS and Microfinance

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aim of human life. Financial technology is application of new technological advancement to product and service in financial industry as describes new technology seek to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial service. Example are software technology such as core banking system, mobile applications, mobile banking, mobile payment .Technology has accelerated changes to millions of household, can help to reduce barriers to financial services and promote a wider reach. Fintech industry is not only constantly growing but also simplifies financial transaction to businesses or consumers to manage financial data. Amala Core Banking is a software solution for back office system which supports operations of SACCOS, Microfinance or any other financials institutions.

Why we are the leading service provider to SACCOS, Microfinance or any other financial institution

Data Security; Largest government data breach 2016 due to outdated technology at U.S office personnel management [OPM] exposed 21.5 million people , in Tanzania 2012 reported cyber crimes cases 627 many includes computer crimes and mobile money. Regarding data security and privacy Amala Core Banking system has safeguarded its security to prevent risk of our client loosing not only their money but also their reputation. To prevent this we have implemented two factor authentication in the system, this technology allows clients to access their Amala Core Banking accounts safely and securely, it also give them security and control over their finances without worry about identity theft.

Test performance after each new updates and integration, we perform regular penetration test to ensure hackers wont disrupt the software solution

Amala Core Banking system comply with laws and regulations; as one of the challenge in fintech industry is overwhelmed by government regulations ,yet Amala Core Banking system comply with all regulations such as microfinance regulations act which makes us to stand out of the other many software system in Tanzania by ensuring rapid changes of financial institution in line with future regulations.

Amala Core Banking system is ease, convenience and friendly to user of the system for example its mobile apps [ Amala yangu and Amala Popote] and its interface and system is user friendly even to non tech people. Its advanced way to manage clients/members, loans management, saving management and overall financial management in the system is ease to handle and if the challenges arise to our clients there are 24/7 service desk support also there are youtube guidelines and lesson about https://www.youtube.com/@amalacorebanking3929

The future of fintech will continue to evolve with accelerating innovation and customers will continue to benefit from faster service and lower cost as the majority of transaction are automated, and Amala Core Banking will continue to be responsible, reliable and respected towards the industry, clients as well as we won’t stop to add value beyond expectation.

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