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August 2020 Newsletter


As one of our esteemed client, Jamii Impact Limited is a Microfinance partnered with us since August 2019. Through their Microfinance consultant Mr Andreas Reiffenstein, they have shown a high level of collaboration with our team. By interacting with our service portal to report bugs of the system, suggesting enhancements and new features that increased capability of the system and improve their business operations.

Reported more than 50 issues in our service portal, attended one customer advisory board and giving their road map and sharing how they would like the system to support their ambitions.
Singo Africa Limited recognize Jamii Impact Limited as a Trusted Partner and will provide a gift as a way of showing appreciation of the collaboration they provide.

Our collaboration with Jamii Impact

Other clients too have collaborated with the team to make ensure they get the benefit from their investment. We encourage them too to use every opportunity to get the most of their investment.
If you have not yet joined us, contact us and will be more than happy to serve you


• Create group loans now by toping up the old group loans. For the Microfinances and SACCOS that are providing group loans and sometimes groups would wish to apply a loan that will pay the old loans, the system is supporting that by its new feature of top-up for group loans.
• Client/Member importation made easy. As the new regulations need more explanatory details of a client/member. We have added the additional details like marital status, employee status to the bulk import tool to ease the upload process.
• Disclosure Statement to Guarantor Report. New regulations requires a Microfinance to provide a disclosure statement to guarantor about the loan he or she is guarantying, Amala Core Banking has made this report easy to get.
• Credit Info Report. Now you can get the information of credits of a client or member in Amala Core Banking system as the new regulation require you to have.


As we explained in our previous newsletters that Singo Africa Limited through its division of Amala is intended to support Microfinance and SACCOS to comply.
Adding to that, most of the institutions wish to concentrate more on their major business and supporting areas not to consume much of their time and resources.

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