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National Microfinance Policy 2017

NMP 2017 (National Microfinance Policy 2017) will create an enabling environment that promotes the development of appropriate and innovative micro finance products and services to meet the real needs of the low income segments so as to enhance economic growth and accelerate poverty reduction.

The policy will put the place effective coordination, supervision and legal and regulatory framework of micro finance sub-sector issues in the country.

The NMP 2017 will continue to serve a guide to all stakeholders and thus stimulate the establishment of MFIs and existing ones to grow and become more competitive.

This policy will guide and inform all stakeholders in developing initiatives in  the microfinance sub-sector. The expected outcomes are significantly increased formality, improved saving culture, vibrant micro finance sector, poverty reduction economic growth and decent work.

Singo Africa through our amala division together with our partners, we are proud to be part and parcel of the process and we are working together with our esteemed customers and other stakeholders to ensure fully realization of the policy for the financial inclusion and national development agenda.

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