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December 2022 Newsletter


As the year draws to a close, we’re filled with gratitude. Thank you for your interest in Amala Core Banking system and thank you for reading our newsletter each month! we’re so excited about what’s up in 2023.

Amala Core Banking has an interface that is easy to use for any user of the system. The dashboard shows the task performance of the whole company or its branch such as number of clients registered in a day, week, or month, loans collected and disbursed in a day, week, or month. The system comprises client management, group management, loan management, saving management, share management, loan calculator, teller and cashier management, bulk importation, sms campaign, accounting integration, module, quality report, budget module, and audit trail.

Amala Disclose the financial picture of the company through reporting because you will know the financial position of your company, active & closed clients, portfolio at risk, loans disbursed, and accounting reports and it will be easier to make sound and correct decisions. The system comprises many reports such as Capital adequacy, Liquid assets for the month, Comprehensive income, Financial position, Loans to insiders, Geographical distribution, Sectoral distribution, Aging reports, Portfolio at risks and etc.

Click here and here to see different videos about reports found in Amala Core Banking

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