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June 2020 Newsletter

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Our support on Microfinance Act 2019 Compliance
More clients opening their thoughts about Amala Core Banking
Special Offer for Small Institutions
New release of Amala Core Banking


Our Support on Microfinance Act 2019 Compliance

As we are aware the Microfinances and SACCOS are on the clock to comply with the new regulations before 31st October 2020 so that they can stay in business.
Us being ready to support our partners, we have already taken steps ahead, supports that will ease the process to Microfinances and SACCOS to comply.

For Our Clients
We have made the necessary regulations available in our service desk portal for them to come and read whenever they need a certain information. This is a free service we have given out to show the support to our esteemed clients. All regulation available here

For Our Clients and yet to be Our Clients
We have continued to improve our system so that it can provide with necessary information that the regulation requires the financial service provider to have and the reports that will be needed to submit to other stake holders of a financial service provider. Visit our release page to find what has been added to the coming new release of Amala Core Banking 3.4.0

More clients opening their thoughts about Amala Core Banking

Giving premium services to our clients is what we have decided to do.

  It’s encouraging when our clients are ready to be open as say their views about our services and products.

Mostly how the system have improved their business and the services makes their lives easy.

Special Offer for Small Institutions.

We know many of us has started small and so there are still small SACCOS which are striving and doing their best to stay in business and grow.

We have introduced a special package for small Microfinance and SACCOS which have no enough resources to run daily to daily activities.

With this package, you can operate like any other big institutions with our support.

And most importantly comply with the law. Details are provided here under service “SACCOS as a Service”

Contact us for more detail on how we can work together on this.

New Release of Amala Core Banking

As we keep on improving the Amala Core Banking so that it can make the life of our clients easy by simplify their work.

Amala Core Banking 3.4.0 will be release this week with more features on compliance and improve performance of the system..

More reports have been added. Security of the system strengthen and fixes and enhancements.

Find the meeting notes of our releases to find what more have been added to Amala App Suite.

Other Updates

People in Viwanda
Singo Africa Limited also is working with Manufacturers to make “Tanzania ya Viwanda” a reality thing.
Kindly visit our website and let us know what we can help your Manufacture to strive.

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