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SACCOS and Microfinance Destiny in Tanzania

When we think of the future, we hope a future of progress. The progress that can take one of two forms. Horizontal or extensive progress means copying things that work from lower to higher. Horizontal progress is easy to imagine because we already know what it looks like. Vertical or intensive progress means doing new things, that is; going from nothing to something (0 to 1).

Vertical progress is harder to imagine because it requires doing something nobody else has ever done. If you take a huge amount of money (Capital) and build it 100 times, you have made horizontal progress. If you take a minimal amount of money (micro saving) and lead it to produce capital, you have made vertical progress.

At the micro lever, the single word for horizontal progress is ‘globalization’ taking things that work somewhere and making them work everywhere. China is todays world is the good example of globalization; its 20 years plan to become like the United States is in the present. The Chinese have been straight forward copying everything that has worked in the developed world. The 19th century railroads, 20th century air conditioning, and even entire cities. They might skip a few steps along the way going straight to wireless without installing landlines, copying all the same[1].

The single word for vertical, (0 to 1) is technology. The rapid progress of information technology in recent decades has made Silicon Valley the capital of “technology” in general but there is no reason why technology should be limited to computers unlike other people may try to imagine or think. Because globalization and technology are different modes of progress, it is very possible to have both, either, or neither at the same time.

This age of globalization has made it easy to imagine that the decades ahead are and will bring more convergence and more sameness but most of all more development.  Even our everyday language suggests we believe in a kind of technological end of history: the division of the world into the so called developed and developing nations implies that the developed world has already achieved the achievable, and that poorer nations just need to catch up.

The same tells the reality in the economic arena. Whereas the global economy already has companies that has achieved the achievable and that impliedly presume to conquer the global economy for decades and centuries. But with the emergency and advancement of technology the situations appear to become a bit different because these small scaled companies and micro credit company threatens the global economy by the way how it is rapidly growing. The adaptation and sensitivity of this sector seems to have a direct effect to the global economy expectations especially to t5hose who for number of years used to believe that the global economy was for the companies with huge capital and who invented most of the solution. The Micro credit sector at large develops the existing solutions and customize them to be usable to the local community. And the truth is that the large population is of those who are medium and still accumulate their finances at an average stage. Something that leads the micro credit sector touches many lives.

 Tanzania is not an island on its own shores but it shares these effects in the global economic market. Business in Tanzania whatsoever are affected as well with the emergence of technology and micro credit sector evolution. That is why there is a need to have the best and reliable solution that will protect and guarantee sustainable competitive advantage to your business. SACCOS and Microfinance are directly affected by these changes and advancements. It is to whom this solution is dedicated to. So, manage your business and give your business accuracy and effectiveness. The solution is Amala App Suite. A technological software that will enhance your SACCOS and Microfinance growth. It provides you with the best experience and an assurance to reap great fruits at very affordable costs that will enable your business experience the world class service from the team of professionals and experts who are available at all times to give you the best satisfaction. Amala App Suite is a system that will help the business expand and meet its demands by simplifying the tasks that the sector has hold for so very long. Let Amala App Suite be the saviour of your microfinance business management; by kindly visiting us to get your affordable solutions and services that could lead your business to the paramount of hope gross profit and safety to your business operations.

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