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Microfinance Digital Driven Transforming Tanzania Economy

The financial sector in Tanzania has faced the major transitions that pushed the change in operations. Financial activities today are not as they used to be before, amongst many reasons one of the biggest and crucial component is emergency of the so called financial technology or as famously known as Fintech.

Modern technology is all about efficiency and speed; it is about ensuring face-to-face communication, connecting you to your healthcare provider, and empowering you by giving you more access and control to the kind of care you get as well as service you receive.

At the financial level, technology can help reach more people and consequently save many problems and combat very serious issues that require immediate attendance. The invention of the computer was a very important point. Communication is thus enhanced, and institutions can communicate more easily with their customers.

Technology has changed the meaning of ‘productivity’; with automation, we can do so much more in such a small amount of time. MFI operations today are so different when we have modern technology on our side, can communicate better, do more, be effective, and operate better in overall.

FinTech allows the use or the final beneficiary of the financial service experience the best service and in a quick way whereby he or she doesn’t have to wait to solving their financial problem where FinTech is applied

The fact is it is not just the concept of FinTech that solves the problem, but it takes the right solution, the right FinTech, the right software that can address the concerns of the financial institutions in easing their operations towards making their services satisfactory to their clients.

Amala Core Banking is the solution designed to suite the operational environment of the financial institutions of all scales. In terms of efficiency Amala Core Banking is one best solution and software that the financial institutions will enjoy using as it completely ease the financial institutions tasks and make them easier to handle at the very appropriate time when they are needed to.

Amala Core Banking avails with best features of Loan management, Savings management, Client management, Share but also with Amala Core Banking offers a Loan Calculator option and above all timely notification on any important message that the MFI wish to communicate to its clients or members, through a SMS Campaign feature.

Amala Core Banking has a team of experts and professionals that are devoted into making customers satisfactory. Our support to our clients is 24 hours 7 days making us not just Fintech solution but a Premium solution.

Get a best solution for your financial institutions today by visiting https://amala.co.tz or Call directly; +255 76 652 1258.

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