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Innovative Solutions for Financial Institutions

Days are moving, people and their economic needs changes hence the economic demands must change too, to suffice the contemporary days that are overtaken and are being occupied by the technological innovations of which affects almost every sector and area.

In the financial sector as in any sector the demand is high as well, increase of number in population that leads to the financial institutions receive a huge number of clients and members in the present days is increasing, which puts the demand high for these institutions to require systems that will help them to manage and handle this increase in its effectiveness.

Apart from such an assistance also to automate their financial services, financial institutions require a simplification in how they run their day to day activities. The only way to make that possible is by deploying technological software that are able to automate their activities and far mostly to add value in the financial market today. That is how financial institutions will be reliable in the market and most importantly provide satisfactory services to their customers and partners.

Why do financial institutions require Amala Core Banking?

·         Innovative software solution

Amala Core Banking, at its most basic, aims at finding a different and better way to solve MFI problems. Something innovative does not necessarily need to solve a previously unsolvable problem; an innovative idea often solves an existing problem in a cheaper or better manner. Hence financial institutions are assured that with innovative software solutions they are able not only to handle their past complexities but even the current and furthermore prohibit them from arising again.

·         Managed Fintech DevOps

We design your infrastructure for the future, not just for today. Managed DevOps with Fintech Solutions equips IT teams with a toolset that will replace manual deployment and infrastructure updates with automated processes to buildout, configuration, testing, and deployment of their infrastructure.

·         Preventive Maintenance

All of the tasks we do behind the scenes to keep your systems running and your users happy. Preventative Maintenance is the lifeblood of any sound Fintech operation. Preventing issues from happening not only will save you money, but you also avoid costly disruptions and downtime.

·         Consulting

Our highest level of advisory services to help financial institutions answer toughest questions when it comes to aligning the right Fintech solutions to address your business problems and opportunities. All of our time to guide and steer your operational strategy is bundled within this service.

·         Information Security

Our efforts to lock your environment down from the real threats that exist in compromising your business. Whether it is monitoring your systems, scanning your network, developing policies, or educating your end-users, we include these services with your Managed Services.

·         Help Desk and Technical Support

Our team works on-site or remotely during regular time to make sure your systems and/or users are taken care of. Think of Amala Core Banking as your on-site Fintech solution, or an extension of your existing Fintech team.

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