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A new year 2020 begins with a number of million strategies for each and everyone. Not people alone but also companies both have different strategies set make in year 2020. All of these strategies are to ensure that they make a year 2020 a year of massive success, growth and development comparing to the past of the years. People make new commitments and companies offer new strategic plans and promises to its customers to make their services better in this year. Normally this is something very important but above all it strengthen the relationship between people or companies with their stake holders, so if people of clients choose to remain with you and get along they have a solemnly reason to do so because you give them a reason to keep believing and working with you.

Singo Africa Limited with our product Amala App Suite are not an island on a separate shore, we share the belief with all our customers and it gives us strengths to see our clients get along with growing and developing in our hands of service. After insisting to our customers to keep growing together with us by choosing our services we have been able to see how Amala App Suite could change and lead to growth the dream and expectations of many financial companies in Tanzania. We have indeed grown together and we are still moving forward in bringing the real financial freedom to our companies and all of its stakeholder.

In this year the Tanzanian government has given a mandatory requirement to all; the SACCOS and Microfinance Institutions in the country to make sure that in compliance to the law, they are all using the system by the end of this year to manage and run their day to day operations. It no more a voluntary matter but a must do requirement, that all these named institutions have to do.

Singo Africa Limited through Amala App Suite in year 2020, we are delighted to let everybody know that we are not only investing in growing together but also, we are determined to add value to your company. We intend to add value to your commitments, add value to your loan management, add value to your entire business and support your growth thereon.

We open up an opportunity for all Microfinance and SACCOS to work with us to create their potentiality of their business by adding value to their operations.

According to, The Microfinance Act No. 10 of 2018[1] under Section 34 states inter alia “Management of operations, finances, and business of a microfinance shall be vested in the microfinance service provider..” The marginal note of this provision recalls this as ‘Management of microfinance business. It proceeds further to the rest of the sections in the particular Act and the regulation thereto.

The establishment of these Microfinance service providers as per the Microfinance Act and its regulation, it is set to regulate licensing and registration of deposit and non-deposit taking microfinance business in 4 tiers:

Tier 1 – deposit taking microfinance service providers, such as banks and microfinance banks.

Tier 2 – non-deposit taking microfinance service providers, such as credit companies and financial organisations.

Tier 3 – SACCOS under the Cooperative Societies Act.

Tier 4 – community financial groups, individual money lenders and community-based organisations.

Singo Africa Limited via Amala App Suite occupies this stage now as the reliable trusted, guaranteed SACCOs-Microfinance service provider giving the best and affordable solutions to its customers and ensure that the work in compliance to the provisions of the law.

We hereby call upon to give you the best experience in business that will not sustain your business from unnecessary losses but also will add value to it and make it reliable as well. Hence; We grow Together

Kindly visit us to get your affordable solutions and services that could lead your business to the paramount of hope gross profit and safety to your business operations.

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