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A Premium Solution for your Microfinance Loan Management

In today’s transforming financial landscape, lenders are looking for modern, technologically superior loan management system that automates key processes. The need of the hour is for systems which are scalable, fast, flexible and agile, while being cost efficient.

Development of the microfinance sector lies today on the usage of the financial technologies and digitalizing the operations of the financial institutions. Amala Core Banking gives to your business an added value advantage with multiple premium features such as Loan Management feature, Client management, Share Management and Saving Management.

Amala Core Banking Loan Management feature (LMF) supports multiple facets of Loan portfolio starting from prospecting to closure and monitoring. The comprehensive loan management solution facilitates banks and financial institutions to automate the procedures for achieving cost savings and better customer experience. We deliver tech enabled lending processes that improve productivity and customer service through the entire loan lifecycle.

Amala Core Banking loan management feature helps in quality improvement, improving turnaround time and better service for customers. It helps banks and financial institutions to improve the activity, transparency, competency and efficiency of their lending solutions.

Our customers are our priority, the service and support team is dedicated into adding value to all our customers’ operations. Quick and effective responses to our customers’ issues and work hand in hand with them physically or remotely until any raised issues are resolved.

We also give compliance guidance to our customers to comply with the regulations and the law that in one way or the other govern the financial sector as far as our clients are concerned.

Our services are available for 24hours 7days, which means we are truly devoted to supporting the financial sector in Tanzania and the world at large.

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