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MFIs’ Operations Automated with the Best FinTech Solution

Digital finance is the term used to describe the impact of new technologies on the financial services industry. It includes a variety of products, applications, processes and business models that have transformed the traditional way of providing banking and financial services.

Digital financial operations works hand in hand with FinTech. Both are effects of technology in automating the financial activities. Companies and institutions are bound to apply digital platforms (Technology) in running their day to day activities.

Practically it is not easy for the financial institution operate these platforms on their own considering the tasks that lies ahead of them in management of loans and so many other tasks as they may arise. Thus, there is needed a reliable a trust worth 3rd party who practically deploys the systems and makes sure they run smoothly to ensure the operations of the microfinance service provider are conducted effectively.

These systems need to be very efficient and accurate because they manage delicate information and tasks handled by the microfinance service providers which means security must be highly perfect.

Amala Core Banking is a FinTech system that is designed to help financial institutions carry out their duties with efficiency. The sole purpose is to add value in the business of financial institutions with whom we get a chance to serve.

With Amala Core Banking microfinance service providers get to manage Loans, Savings, and Share and manage their clients. Furthermore, there are most significant feature to smoothen the operations of the microfinance service providers such as SMS Campaign to remind the clients and update them on various information’s that may arise from time to time and the institutions may sought to share with their clients.

Amala Core Banking cements the relationship of the financial institutions with their clients.

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