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Build The Base for your Business on Our Technological Services

Technological services are services designed to facilitate the use the use of technology by enterprises, institutions and users. Technology services provide specialized technology oriented solutions by combining the processes and function of software, hardware, networks, telecommunication and electronics.

Lately technology has been a fastest and easy way and solution to tackle the problems of its users. Moreover it cuts across many places and so to touch people who do not use it as well. This all prescribes the importance of technology is bringing closer solutions to our problems.

It is very rare or hardly to find someone who can work or ready to work for the benefit of another, the matter of fact is in many occasions’, people and institution work for the best interests of their own welfare, that is to mean most people and institutions operate to serve their own goals and interests. It is indeed a basic principle and it has for many years been so.

However in some circumstances, there are people and institutions that operate and work in the best interest of others, these people or institutions herein are known as Service providers. Their sole purpose is usually to assist other people and institutions to meet their determined goals and in fact to ensure not only them but others succeed on their businesses.

These agencies must be registered to serve a special purpose of assistance in operation or handling of the duties between two core parties herein may be called the Principle parties (1st party versus 2nd party) whereby the agency plays a role of the 3rd Party and ensure the effective, proper and smooth operations between the two principle parties in our context; the Saccos, Microfinance Institutions, and Cooperative Unions on one hand versus their clients on the other hand.

These Service providers ensures also proper monitoring of the business between the two principle parties, in this this context, is also known as service provider who links the operations of the institutions against their clients for the purpose of business. They provide solutions to temporary and permanent problems occurring in the business that may in one way or the other hinder the running and operation of the business in its totality.

It is now in this light, Singo Africa Limited offers to you a quality assurance service to facilitate the business of the principle parties herein, Cooperative Unions, Saccos and Microfinance Institutions. Services that are guaranteed with the best experience and affordable prices, standard qualities and quick access the business with an assured profit making.

It avails your business to a solution Amala Suite App, with which ensures that not only your business is well monitored but also makes sure that it gives you expected results at an affordable price. It gives you both direct and indirect support on the App technical issues, also avails you with consultancy on areas of your digital operations as well as an important component of financial accounting.

It is the solution that aims to make your business grow bigger and bigger. It helps you to manage your business to plan and effect such plan to realize the expected profit of your business, it further help both principle parties with compliance to the laws and regulations that binds them all.

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