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Development in Microfinance

The government recognizes research, innovation and product development as vital components towards growth, outreach and sustainability of microfinance sector. The on-going research, innovation and product development are an integral part of the market systems for development of the microfinance sector.

Up to date information with respect to microfinance is required throughout the life of the sector in order to guide, promote, and generate intelligence to influence players, expand outreach and provide the basis for monitoring and evaluation.

There are few players in the microfinance sector have attempted to conduct continuous research, innovation and product development in microfinance including academic institutions and microfinance institutions but the outcomes are not widely shared and up-scaled within the sector.

This is partly attributed to among others, unreliable data, high level of information asymmetry, inadequate resources and inadequate capacity. Hence, there is need to redress this situation in order to have vibrant sector focusing on real needs of low income population.

As Singo Africa limited, we recognise the improvement of our honorable sector and engaging in investing on research and development team, and put the capacity building programs in microfinance so as to be part of you in innovation and product development in managing information as digitally.

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