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Why did my Information System implementation projects fail?

“We once had this huge investment of implementing software solution and a lot was promised as a return! But things turned out differently, nothing went well after the project.

We had difficulties to align the software with how we usually work, maybe we were still adapting!! But why this was even an issue while we wanted it so much in the first place?, tasks took bit longer to be done than before, people did not feel happy with what we thought could make them feel proud.

Yet we least had hope and faith in the contracts and all the promises made by our vendor that they will stay live watching and monitoring our progress in adapting the new system.

We suffered this until we came to realize through you that in the beginning we only knew that software will simplify our work, we did not really understand that there are many factors we should consider before purchasing let alone choose a vendor”

Does this experience remind you something?

Well, you are not alone! Many undergo similar trial and error journey!

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