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The objective of digitalizing MFI/SACCOS operations through banking/loan management systems is to improve convenience of services to final consumer i.e. members of SACCOS and clients to Microfinance. And to take care of the supporting functions of the institutions and leave it focused on strategizing and execution to improve business of MFI/SACCOS

While core banking or loan management platforms helps accountant and managers to simplify their works, and sometimes make manager/accountants to be responsive to their respective member/clients, the benefit has not been fully translated to end-user consumer(s); due to many other operations still depending on availability of manager/accountant to perform them manually or physically.

Amala Team through Amala Business Center intend to bridge the gap, utilize scarce resources while improving conveniences, transparencies, accurate and timely of dispatching of information to end users of MFI/SACCOS services that is client/members. And ensuring the information

Services Provided

Level 1 Services

  • Management of the software

  • Loan request fulfillment

  • Share request fulfillment

  • Statement request fulfillment

  • Loan eligibility processing

  • Document and Archive Approvals

  • Report extractions of any kind

  • Financial Year Closing

  • Process approved payments

  • Approvals are retained by SACCOS/MFI

Level 2 Services

  • All level 1 services

  • Help Desk to your clients/members

Our Prices

No implementation costs, you just subscribe and start to us the service.

Price Categories


Entry Fee - Paid once

For new clients who want to use Amala Core Banking Platform

Microfinance - TZS 900,000

SACCOS - TZS 1,900,000

For client with more than 350 clients/members, will add TZS 100,000 for each 100 additional client/member

Partnership Fee* - Paid yearly or semi-annually

Get 5% discount when paid yearly

Covers : Access to platform, Storage of Data, Security of Data, Dedicated person(s) to serve the client, Upgrade of the system, New configurations and modifications.

*Minimum contract duration is 3 years

1 - 500 : TZS 4,999 per client/member per year

501 - 1000 : TZS 3,999 per client/member per year

More than 1001 : Negotiable

Transaction Fee - Paid per transaction

1 Client entry - TZS 1,000

1 Loan app - TZS 1,000

1 /Saving/Share app - TZS 800

1 Loan/Saving/Share/Charge transaction - TZS 500

1 Manual entry - TZS 2,000

1 Client Statement - TZS 1,000

1 Report - TZS 2,000

Help Services Desk

As per agreement between partners


What is expected?

End-users i.e. client and/or member(s) from MFI and/or SACCOS respectively should be able to request repetitive services online and be responded online, without having to visit MFI/SACCOS office(s). So that time is saved, satisfaction is increased etc.  an example of service is loan request, loan approval/rejection with reasons, approval by manager/committee, contract signing etc.

Interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on how it works and how you can leverage this for growth of your MFI and for excellent service for your SACCOS.

Terms and Conditions applied.

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A technology for financial inclusion that has features for financial institution flexibility to grow and advance in its way of managing customers, financial products, fast and regular reporting capabilities.

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