Price Quote

****As response to COVID-19 pandemic, Payment in installments are allowed for all customers that will sign between June 1st, 2020 to September 30th, 2020; All deployment tasks will be performed remotely without any compromize on quality









 (one time)

 TZS 2,499,000/-



TZS 9,999,000/-

(Starting from...)

Annual Subscription

*Base price is TZS 599,900/-

Price Per client per Year

TZS 5,999/-

(Up to 500 clients)

TZS 4,999/-

(Those exceeding 500)

TZS 3,999/-

(Those exceeding 1000)

Above 1000 clients is negotiable

     TZS 4,999,900/-

(unlimited number of clients)


  •  End-users Training
  •  Support (24/7/365)
  •  Free bug fix, upgrade & regular   Update
  •  Hosting services included
  •  End-user training
  •  Support (9/5/365)
  •  Upgrade on request
  •  Benefit realization on Request.



** Impelementation costs are for standard system, no customization.

*** Training to be delivered at our head office, Dar es Salaam.

****This is a price for Impala package and Twiga Package, we recommend to choose Impala Package due to the benefits it has. For large MFIs that will need to have it on their own server (On premise), we are happy to give a separate package customized for them.

Mobile Applications




Amala Popote (For loan officers)  Training ( At our offices) 50,000 TZS per trainee
Annual Subscription

Less than or equal to 3 users: TZS 100,000/-

4 users to 5 users: TZS 100,000/-  per added user

More than 5 users : Negotiation

Amala Yangu (For MFI/SACCOs clients)  Training ( At our offices) TZS 50,000/- per trainee
Annual Subscription

Minimum TZS 200,000/- 

More than 100 clients :- TZS 1,999/- per client

Other Services

Service (Proffessial Fee)



 On-site support per visit

 TZS 100,000/-
 Upgrades  TZS 1,000,000/-
**Transport, meals, accommodation are charged at actual cost and can be
arranged by client.
*** Services which are not covered are negotiable.  


Special Program

Are you an individual lender or a group of 5 to 30 people doing lendnig business? We have a special program for you and the price will be specific per your requirements. Contact us today and get a chance to digitalize your business.

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A technology for financial inclusion that has features for financial institution flexibility to grow and advance in its way of managing customers, financial products, fast and regular reporting capabilities.

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