code of conduct

Our People

  • Treating people equally and with respect

     We embrace diversity and we promote an inclusive culture where everyone can be themselves at work without

     risk of discrimination or harassment.

  • Ensuring health and safety

     We promote a culture that prioritizes people’s health and safety

  • Ensuring Safe Environment

     We support reduction of emission of Co2 and thus encourage working remotely whenever possible while maintain and 

     exceeding deliverable(s)’ quality.

  • Equal employment opportunity 

    We do not discriminate against employees and job applicants based age, race, color, creed, ethnicity sex, religion, nationality and



Our product & Services

  • Engaging with business partners

     Our business partners are critical to our success. They are carefully selected based on criteria including, competence,     

     compliance with laws and regulations, business integrity, quality, human rights (non-discrimination), labor standards etc.

     Business partners includes, supplier, clients, employees and consumer of our services.

  • Ensuring product and quality

     We pride ourselves on our world-class software development and Service operations, which consistently meet Our quality   

     standards and customer expectations. We follow renown global standards used by fortune 500 companies.

  • Marketing our products and Service responsibly

     We are committed to marketing our products and services responsibly while recognize and respecting fair competition.         

     We believe in letting the best product and/or service win.


Our business integrity

  • Preventing financial crime

     We do not tolerate financial crime and actively manage risks related to financial crime. We support compliance with AML 

     and other laws and regulations in this area.

  • Fighting bribery and corruption

     We do not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form.

  • Exchanging gifts, hospitality and entertainment

     We do not encourage the exchange of gifts, hospitality and entertainment (GHE), but we recognize that occasional GHE 

     is common business practice.


Our role in Society

  • Respecting human rights

     Throughout our business operations, we respect the human rights of our employees, business partners and their             

     workers, and the communities where we operate.

  • Ensuring fair competition

     We are committed to competing fairly in all markets and in full compliance with competition laws.

  • Remaining politically neutral

     It is in our best interest to remain politically neutral


Data Protection and Privacy

  • Disclosure of Sensitive Information

     Due to nature of our business operations, we may come across Personal Identified Information (PII). We limit ourselves to

    purpose of processing PII and never share to third party or request information we don’t need.

  • Compliance with Standards

     We strive to comply with national, regional and international general accepted standards of data protections e.g. PCI, HIIPAA,

    GDPR etc.

  • Promoting Good Practices

     We promote our partners especially esteemed clients e.g. MFIs to respect privacy and protect their clients data



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About us

A technology for financial inclusion that has features for financial institution flexibility to grow and advance in its way of managing customers, financial products, fast and regular reporting capabilities.

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