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Tanzania has recently announced its National Budget of the financial year 2020/21 with which it touches many areas whereas the financial sector is not an exception of the course. The budget that gives and shows the roadmap of the financial sector in the financial year 2020/21.

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Loan Management Service means Lender's proprietary automated loan management program that controls the manner in which funds are transferred between the Designated Account and the Revolving Loan for credit or debit to the Revolving Loan, or any successor service or product that performs similar service. The Loans Management in Business Operations is a means of enabling financial institutions to perform business operations during the life-cycle of a loan, such as creation of the loan, disbursement of funds, allowing customers to skip a payment or payoff a loan fully

With a proper Loan Management system, if your organization provides employee loans, this module enables you to define and manage employee loan policies and their entitlement based on different parameters. ... Amala App Suite is an innovative loans management system that offers the full range of capabilities needed in a mortgage and/or loans operation.

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Delinquent is a situation where a borrower is late or overdue on a payment, such as income taxes, a loan,a mortgage, an automobile loan, or a credit card account.

There have been traditional thinking of what could be the causes of loan delinquency, on this traditional way of thinking, people think loan delinquencies are caused by external factors. Some of the factors that they consider are illness or death in the family, calamities, weather conditions, poor economic conditions, price fluctuation and poor business practice of the client.

For the institution that has this way of thinking, they believe they can’t do anything about it since they are out of their control. And for them, loan delinquency becomes the big challenge in the business and to some lead to business failure.

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Tume ya Maendeleo ya Ushirika Tanzania - TCDC, iliyo chini ya Wizara ya Kilimo na Ushirikia ikishirikiana na Bank Kuu ya Tanzania -BoT waliandaa mafunzo na mkutano kwa ajili ya watoa huduma katika vyama vya ushirika nchini.


Watoa huduma hao kutoka nyanja mbalimbali kama vile:- TEHAMA (Technology Service Providers), Ukaguzi wa Mahesabu (Auditors), Wakusanya Madeni (Credit Collectors), Wanaotoa Elimu na Mafunzo (Training) Washauri wa Biashara (Consulants), pamoja na wanaotoa huduma za kifedha na Bima-(Microfinance Service Providers).


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