Singo Africa Limited deliver an eye opener ICT training to  Mbeya region's co-operative societies.

31st May 2017 to 2nd June 2017 Mbeya Co-Operative societies stepped away from their daily operation to take part at the ICT training called by Singo Africa Limited, “Singo” as the continuation of the series of training held in different regions. 

The training gave Co-operatives societies clear road map on where to start regardless of their different level of maturity in ICT usage. It will help them to not only become efficiency and effective but easier to comply with regulatory requirements.

As a stakeholder of Co-operatives, Singo felt compelled to organize a workshop training to educate the industry about how Technology and innovation has invented and brought drastic changes in the financial industry and how can they stay competitive by giving them knowledge about ICT importance, challenges, investment risk, and minimum standards requirement for an MIS in a Co-operative society.


“We have learned a lot from the workshop, we have been suffering a lot, it’s very crucial to organize such trainings regularly.

What was always clear to us was that technology is important, it makes the job easy and accurate; but where to start, especially when one wants to change from old ways of operating was what was missing.

So for us the training gave us the green light of where can we start, what to look for in Management of Information System, “MIS”, how to choose the service providers and how to calculate cost of owning the MIS”. said Mr. Aramu Pakani Mwampamba - The Accountant of Mshikamano SACCOS  at the end of the training sessions.


“As Singo, we are focused in helping the Co-Operative societies to get the best out of technology and innovation. Bringing up the Co-Operative idea as the one of the best way of bringing financial inclusion to its peak in Tanzania; …said...


Ms Leah Mbilinyi talking to SACCOs members
Ms. Leah Mbilinyi - Microfinance and Co-operative Consultant from Singo Africa Limited


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