Technology on Sustainability of Microfinance Services in Tanzania

Technology is an important driver in the maturing microfinance industry. Microfinance providers, microfinance institutions (MFIs) of all tiers, provide financial services to the poor that are critical for eradicating poverty and promoting economic development in developing nations.

As the industry matures, MFIs face an increasingly competitive environment forcing them to balance the dual goals of outreach and sustainability. Interestingly, technology may be both the instigator of this new environment and the potential solution to MFI survivability.

We propose sensitization on the role and impact of technology in the microfinance industry, with special attention given to the industry’s stakeholders and to the value chain of microfinance services that are provided to the poor people in the world who need access to them. This is at the intersection of inquiry on technology for development and the digital divide, the impact of microfinance on poverty and development and the use of information technology (IT) in the financial service sector. It is aimed at encouraging explores on important issues with respect to microfinance services.

We’ll discuss the role and impact of Technology at the customer level, the microfinance institutional level, the donor level and the microfinance industry level with insights that showcase the value chain impacts and transformations that are occurring as a basis for assessing the extent to which technology supports the sustainability of microfinance.

Accordingly Amala App Suite emerges as an important driver of innovation, competitiveness and growth in microfinance. By leveraging the nearly ubiquitous growth of MFIs, digitization which reduce cost, increase efficiency and allow financial institutions to reach new clients faster than they could before. By developing an inclusive and sustainable digital financial ecosystem through substantial investment, skilled resources, adequate infrastructure, agile processes and a conducive regulatory environment, it can foster more widespread adoption and usage.

The system enhances the best performance and operations of the Microfinance institutions, by giving them solution to their different areas of operations such as Loan management, client management, share management, loan calculator, saving management and bulk importation. All these features are well digitalized and furthermore, security of your data and confidentiality are highly upheld.

Amala App Suite believes in competitiveness, reliably, responsiveness and that is the reason we also uphold the values of professionalism in attending our customers concerns. We have a team of exerts that are truly dedicated into serving our customers at all times.

Add value to your Microfinance business with Amala App Suite.

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