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Tume ya Maendeleo ya Ushirika Tanzania - TCDC, iliyo chini ya Wizara ya Kilimo na Ushirikia ikishirikiana na Bank Kuu ya Tanzania -BoT waliandaa mafunzo na mkutano kwa ajili ya watoa huduma katika vyama vya ushirika nchini.


Watoa huduma hao kutoka nyanja mbalimbali kama vile:- TEHAMA (Technology Service Providers), Ukaguzi wa Mahesabu (Auditors), Wakusanya Madeni (Credit Collectors), Wanaotoa Elimu na Mafunzo (Training) Washauri wa Biashara (Consulants), pamoja na wanaotoa huduma za kifedha na Bima-(Microfinance Service Providers).


The Tanzania Financial Services Conference and Expo 2019 which was conducted at Dar es salaam at Julius Nyerere International Convention Center from 28th to 30th, January 2019 with participants from financial services industry and technology industry.

It aimed at bringing different ideas in providing opportunities for industry experts and industry members to network, exchange experiences and learn from the top of the industry guests for successful partnerships going forward. it was dedicated to bring together key players to discuss the future of financial services providers, the financing of financial services institutions, and partnerships between regional networks.

We Walk the Talk…!!!!

It's easier to be said than being done….


Again, we are delighted to have one of our director to be certified on Financial Management in Co-operatives

When we decided to serve SACCOs and Microfinance sector, we meant it and the fact we continue add knowledge even though we had it… it just show and demonstrate to the world exactly that we really meant to serve this sector diligently with passion and lot of enthusiasm.

The Singo Africa family was blessed to have one of member being picked by Apache Fineract Community to serve as PMC.  This is inline of our mission of being responsible, reliable and trusted in the universe where we work.

The company wish all the best Mexina M. Daniel for the trust the community has given her; we are confident that she will serve diligently, effectively and with passion.

One of our core value is “relentless collaboration” and we believe it is only through the community like Mifos and Apache Fineract that the underbanked and unbanked can be reached… this is how to give as well to the community and make Africa and Tanzania great again… by automating SACCOS, Microfinance, VICOBA, AMCOS etc.

As Singo Africa Limited, we will continue to play our part for the initiative of not only we do, but we enjoy doing it…  we like to serve… as they say “The highest level of Living is Giving”,  we have started and we will continue to give through our blessed intellectuals.

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A technology for financial inclusion that has features for financial institution flexibility to grow and advance in its way of managing customers, financial products, fast and regular reporting capabilities.

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